Lanamon Bot is launched on June 04, 2021 a Solana & Custom token Tipbot For Discord. Lanamon is a Mainly a $MOLA Tipbot with various features. The Tipbot is Onchain and is configured to be able to add any token from the Solana ecosystem. As an initial phase we have listed $MOLA, $SRM, $USDC & $SOL.

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This Bot is derived from a product portfolio of Solana's Meme Token project, Moonlana $MOLA (https://www.moonlana.com/ ).

Business Model

Potential Users and Investors.

Initially, the Bot is monetized or there are investment entries, charging a small contribution for each withdraw transaction. Potential users are all discord users trading tokens under the Solana ecosystem, for now. We hope that as we grow in the Bot's functionalities, we will be able to adjust how its use is monetized, as well as contact possible investors for the expansion and fulfillment of the Lanamon roadmap.


As already described in this document, the Bot operates any token derived from Solana and its ecosystem.

In the same way, each token of the solana ecosystem that wants to list in the Bot and operate within it, we charge $0 to carry out this incorporation of the token to the list of tokens and currencies supported by the Bot.

As more tokens are incorporated into the Bot system, as well as the increase in its functionalities and transactions with other ecosystems, the market and monetization strategy may change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Market Analysis

There are already many Bots that offer this service, (second place in this category). However, according to the market analysis, the growth for our Bot is determined by the ability we have to incorporate its interoperability with other ecosystems, currencies and other transactable products on Discord.

Competitive Landscape

Our competitive vision goes through the comparison of usability of similar Bots in capacity and usefulness. However, today Lanamon is the second most used with more than 360k transactions per year with more than 226 discord servers on the list, only being surpassed by  http://tip.cc/. The work plan to make Lanamon the most competitive Bot of this type in the market, goes through the roadmap of the project where we intend to finance the development of the core of the Bot and expand its functionalities to other coins and tokens of other blockchains, in addition to others messaging platforms like Telegram.

Development Strategy

Although the majority of the Lanamon Bot functionality is already developed and in use for the Solana Blockchain. The Bot underwent adjustments and improvements in the code required by the terms and conditions that will allow, in the short term, to quickly complete the development for other blockchains and other messaging platforms. The strategy is to sell the use of the Bot with what has already been tested and released, offering future expansion and growth that allows this new iteration to be financed as well.


Our marketing approach, once the SEO and core of information and operation of the Bot is completed, is framed in a massive contact through social networks, projects and discord servers that have the need to move transactions of the type and quantity already mentioned by the bot without having to leave the platform.

Plans and Forecasts for Growth

Let's remember that our monetization is through the fees per transaction made by the Bot, the more users, more servers and more tokens and coins are used and supported by Lanamon, the greater the profit. For now, the next milestone on the road map is to be able to expand to Telegram (as the second platform for disclosure and messaging among crypto users) since it has a large number of users, Web 3.0 support with its own governance token "TON" and a freely distributed API that among other things supports this integration between Discord/Telegram for Lanamon Bot operations.

Found Distribution

Currently all funds raised by listing tokens and coins on Lanamon, as well as transaction fees, all go to the smart contract of the mother wallet. Fully auditable and scannable due to its decentralized nature, by any Solana transaction scanner. In the future, this distribution of funds will be diversified by type and by installments, which will allow the handling of profit items, financing and others.

Team Members

Our team, small in number, but big in experience... Our story is no different or not very different from that of many. Spread all over the world, learning and building on the mathematical miracle of the Blockchain that is the future that has already arrived.

We are the humble founders of MoonLana.

One of Solana's first Meme Tokens projects with a lot of reception and volume. Moonlana already has a series of derivative products that are constantly improving and expanding: Lanadex, Lanatools, etc. And now, the Bot, our Bot, your Bot.
The team stablished some terms and conditions, by Lanamon software and agreements shall be governed and construed in all respects by the laws of the Superior Court in Malta including the European Union GDPR directives.

Under no term or section, Lanamon software operates or works in the territory of the United States of America or where any law or statute of the federal government, the FED or the SEC falls. If there are US users, they are subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions and will use and make use of the Lanamon software under what is established here.

In what corresponds to the place or address of "fiscal" location, the Lanamon team is not established under the classic geographic jurisdiction or jurisprudence. We are a decentralized community located in the territoriality that Web 3.0 could provide in a certain way.


Q4 2022 - Airdrops and Giveaway refactory module.

Q1 2023 - Swapping token from raydium.

Q2 2023 - Design bot to telegram and another platform.

Q3 2023 - future - Keep develop new functionalities requested by the community.

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