Solana's fastest onchain tipbot made for Discord.

Send/Receive SPL tokens to anyone, anywhere, anytime on discord, just use Lanamon

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Why add lanamon bot?

Fast, secure, efficient, Lanamon is the ideal bot to perform onchain transactions within the Solana blockchain.
If you need to send a tip, donation or just tokens from your wallet to another user, you can do it from Lanamon with an simple command line.

Why use Lanamon?

Send any token listed on our bot to anyone on discord.


Each transaction is written in the Solana blockchain.


Being a 100% onchain bot, transactions are made through Solana web3.


Developed with best practices and under a blockchain scheme with low commission costs, Lanamon can send an onchain transaction in milliseconds.


Lanamon is scalable, it is developed for massive transactions without congestion.

Ease of use

Lanamon offers an intuitive and user-friendly command list.

Low commissions

The commissions are very low, because Solana was developed for low commission costs.

Lanamon has a list of commands for tipping, rains, giveaways, which are easy for users to use.

Don't wait for deposits and withdrawals.

Lanamon's personal wallet is instant for withdrawals of your funds and deposits.

Easy for everyone to use.

A tool for beginners and experts, perfect for getting started.

A list of simple commands, no need to be an expert to use it.

In a simple way and a friendly syntax for any user in discord. "See our command's list".


In the past 1.5 years Lanamon has transacted OVER $420K SPL/SOL worth of Crypto via Tips, Rain, Deposits and Withdrawls.


This many servers are currently using Lanamon


Transactions made with lanamon via tip, rains, giveaway and raindrops.

Have any doubt?

Here you can clear some of your doubts.

How to set up a discord server?
  • At the bottom left of the server menu, click the plus button.
  • Click on “Create my own”
  • Select a option and type a server name.
  • Enjoy your new own server.
How to list my token on lanamon?
  • In order to optimize the listing on Lanamon, we have created an exclusive section for Lanamon on
  • Go to -> Lanamon Section
  • Click on "Listing New Token" Button.
  • Paste your token mint address (this list is from or metadata token) and click on Search Mint Button.
  • Paste your Discord Logo ID. How generate this code? First invite Lanamon to your discord server In the same discord server, upload a emoji.
  • When we have the emoji we select it in some chat on the server.
  • Now we are going to put a \ before the logo.
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.
  • This code we can paste on Discord Logo ID input on our form.
  • Press "List Token" and sign the transaction, when the pay is approval, we can see our token on Lanamon and we can use.
  • It is important to put a valid emoji, otherwise the bot functions may be subject to failure for the listed token
  • In order to optimize the listing on Lanamon, we have created an exclusive section for Lanamon on Moonlana charges 200 $USDC fee for listing.
How do i keep my discord account secure?
  • To keep your discord account secure, it is necessary that you activate the two-factor authentication, this is important, because your account in the bot is associated with your wallet, and we don't want malicious agents to access it so easily, to activate two-factor authentication you must:
  • Go to settings icon.
  • User Settings -> my account.
  • Go to two-factor authentication -> Enable Two-Factor Auth and type your password
  • Now scan de QR code on your Auth App and type the code on input bottom and click on Activate.
  • Now your 2FA is activated.
How to Deposit or Withdraw funds?
  • Lanamon bot provides a wallet per user, to know it, you must send a DM with the command .wallet
  • Lanamon will respond with an embed with the wallet to which you must make your deposits.
  • We recommend the user to send only tokens supported by the bot, to avoid the loss of tokens.
  • You will need to send a DM to Lanamon bot. Find the bot, right click and select “Message”.
  • To send your tokens to an external wallet or other service, you must use the .withdraw command followed by the token you wish to withdraw ( e.g withdrawmola ), you must include the number of tokens and the destination wallet (make sure it is a solana wallet).
  • If the transaction was successful, you will see an embedded with all the information.
How to install and configure lanamon on your discord server?