/merge (DM)

For this command, you will need to enable developer mode in discord.

1- Go to Discord -> User Settings

2 - Go to Advanced and swith Developer Mode.

3 - Search for your user right click and copy ID.

4 - Now you can paste your ID on /merge command

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  /merge discord user_discord_id

What do I have to do to merge?

1- You must have Discord with a wallet already created in Lanamon.

2- Do not have a wallet generated in Twitter Lanamon Bot.

When I can't make Merge?

1- If the target Discord account already has an associated Twitter account.

2- If the Twitter account I want to associate, already has a Lanamon wallet.

3- If the Twitter account already has an associated Discord account.

If all the previous validations are fulfilled, the target user will receive an authentication token that must be validated with the /validate command.