How to add currency to Lanamon

In order to optimizethe listing on Lanamon, we have created an exclusive section for Lanamon on Moonlana charges 200 $USDC fee forlisting.

Go to -> Lanamon Section

Click on "Listing New Token" Button.

Paste de Mint Token address and press on SearchMint Button

Paste your Discord Logo ID. How generate this code?

  • When we have the emoji we select it in some chat on the server.

  • Now we are going to put a \ before the logo:
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.

This code we can paste on Discord Logo ID input on our form.

  • Press "List Token" and sign the transaction, when the pay is approval, we can see our token on Lanamon and we can use.

It is important to put a valid emoji, otherwise the bot functions may be subject to failure for the listed token